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Point at something and leave me 5 mins to fall in love with it

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Jeppe’s hair takes the smell of everything around like, when he makes curry his hair can keep on smelling of curry for two or three days afterwards. He’s not really someone with a very strong personal smell and the little he has is concentrated on his hair, so I can’t help but sniffing it every time I can. Basically, I can tell how cold is outside from the scent of his hair (and more things). But yesterday it surprised me -it smelled of spring, it had stolen the smell of the fields as we were walking through them, creating a perfume more strongly indentifiable with the season than nature itself could make

I smell everything I can. I have this thing of smelling my fingers when i touch something that smells, but i feel very ashamed of doing it in front of people because some times i just can’t stop smelling them and i’m scared they’ll think they’re dirty