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white feminism be like

*puts glitter in vagina*

*takes pics of pink dildos*

*photoshops fruits onto genital area*

*takes pictures of menstrual blood trickling down thighs or of a pad*

*”shocking” nudes of a cis, thin, white woman*

*not shaving as a tactical FCK YOU to men*

**puts grapefruit on my pussy and takes a picture of it for my zine**

**gets a yeast infection**

I used to have moments of pure ecstasy, where have they gone?

i’m tired of the limits of this world, i want to move to another dimension

i took the car for the first time today, and drove through a road i hadn’t seen before. It was full of curves and almost completely empty, bushes on each side and high hills on the background. every here and then i’d catch a smell of the rain cologne jeppe recently gave me. by my side, the teacher was illustrating his belief on the power of will and positive energy by telling me his whole life story, how he learnt to read by himself and achieved his dream of owning a driving school and buying a house.

i want to get an ass tattoo, that’s my kind of humor